Ilonggo Delicacies


Delicious shrimp broth with noodles and pork including chicharron and liver. Lighter than it sounds. Most of the customers were eating crispy pata or stewed pig’s feet.


i had never heard of batchoy before, but anything with pork offal makes my interest almost prurient.

Me either, or Ilonggo cuisine. It’s worth a detour.

we have such a large filipino population here, but not many filipino restaurants of note; the average pinoy celebrates everything at a relative’s house where grandma (who is the best cook in the family) cooks for everybody. but there seem to be some young cooks out there concentrating on the cuisine of their ethnic heritage now.

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There were a couple of aunties ahead of me buying an extended family-size takeout order, and while I was eating a lot of apparent regulars called out hi to people in the kitchen, occasionally with staff coming out for hugs. So from all signs a community hub.

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that’s cool. i’d expect that once the word got out that someone was making legit food, the word would spread pretty quick. saw the same thing happen at a new burmese place that opened recently.