I'm Craving

Ceviche tostada from Mariscos Mar de Cortez
Turkey & Cheese on Rye from Antonelli’s Deli
Fish Tacos from George’s on the Cove terrace
Quesadilla with guac from Super Sergio’s
Scallop sandwich on sourdough at Point Loma Seafoods
Mai Tai at the Bali Hai
Lobster Club at Red Tractons
Oysters Rock at Oyster Bar at Fish Market
Little Breakfast at Kono’s
Snack Bar La Tortuga…Anacapri
Patty Melt at D’Carlo’s with extra grilled onions and thousand

Rocky Road Ice Cream from Extraordinary Desserts

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Looks like BC made the jump to the cool kid’s board :grin:

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The lamb barbacoa, lamb broth, and huitlacoche quesadilla from Aqui es Texcoco.


I miss the SD area’s OG Aqui es Texcoco so much!

Saw the rec on the old Chowhound board and finally made it out once. So good! :heart:


Carne asada burrito from Cotixan
Omakase at Sushi Tadokoro
SD murasaki uni in general - so much more subtle than the Santa Barbara stuff

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Just had excellent sushi at Nobu Caesar’s last week but from what I hear that Sushi Tadokoro is sublime and one of the best in SD and kicks serious ass over Nobu.

In regards to Murasaki Uni, where would you recommend…Tadokoro?
I’m sorta of a Uni virgin but I want my first experience to be one that will be memorable, da best and a place that I can smoke a cigarette afterwards…

Tadokoro is a relative newcomer, and yes, it’s a wonderful omakase,

But if you want to try SD uni as a relative newbie, then perhaps the best place would be Sushi Ota. (note: Do NOT order the live uni in the shell. Rather, stick to the uni nigiri.)

You can even buy your cigs afterwards from the conveniently-located 7-Eleven next door!

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Mahalo J L…

I really enjoy Sushi Ota and good to know NOT to order the live uni…curious, why not?
I don’t smoke cigs but couldn’t resist the virgin comment, which has the proverbial puff puff afterwards. .

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Why not live uni? The following were my exact words from a few years back on another food forum:

"Uni myth: Opening the live urchin fresh in front of the customer means it’s gonna be great uni, right?

No. Contrary to popular belief, cracking open uni just before eating doesn’t ensure quality.

The quality of the urchin roe within the shell is an innate biological characteristic and pre-determined even before opening. Opening the shell in front of a customer does nothing to improve or detract from the quality of the uni within. There’s no way to predict the quality of the uni until it’s tasted.

That’s why “fresh uni out of the shell” is a scam, in my opinion. Opening a live uni is a crapshoot - you have no idea if that uni (while undeniably fresh) is gonna be good, mediocre, or bad.

The uni are sold in Japanese markets (generally higher in quality) are already extracted from the shell. The uni-monger sorts out different quality tiers before it’s brought to market and puts them in different wooden trays - this way, proper price levels can be set based on quality. Chances are, the uni monger, who is far more experienced at predicting which urchin will have the best roe, will open those shells first at his/her facility to determine the best prices. Meanwhile, some of the more questionable urchins get shipped off to restaurants intact for the “fresh uni out of the shell” ritual."


Craving me a chanterelle mushroom and brie omelette…anyone know where I can get one of those bad boys in North County?

Many Alohas :pineapple:

Spent a couple of days at La Casa del Zorro a couple of weeks ago and for those that haven’t been, its a lovely, quaint, old school resort.

Food at the Fox Den Cantina for drinks and their Sunday special of fried chicken, pot’s and veggies with salad/soup and dessert for $12+ was a great deal and it was huge enough to split…which we did and was plenty.

We ate in the bar, which was perfect.
They are redoing the Butterfield room.

The drive to Borrego Springs is lovely…especially with all the rain and the Napa-esque Santa Ysabel was so green and so so beautiful.

Highly recommend getting out of town eating and drinking in Borrego at La Casa del Zorro!

It is indeed a lovely drive, but I rarely do it for the lush, verdant scenery however …

That’s why Ipsy, chicks are different than guys. .

Talk to me about the silk squash & shrimp xiaolongbao buns at Din Tai Fung…hear they can create quite a massive craving…

Better yet, come and visit some time and I’ll have Mama Ipse cook up a batch for you …

When are we doing that???

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Well, if you guys are serious it’ll have to be in LA.

You know how to reach me …

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Wow…to meet Mama Ipse!!
Are we talking Flushing…Taipei, or the OC?
I feel so honored…


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Taipei? You kill me, BC.

More like SGV.

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