I'm plating most of my meals in bowls, instead of plates...what about you?

I’ve noticed this trend in the last couple of years…just seems easier…
How about you?


I just eat it straight out of the rice cooker.

Unless it’s cereal, then it’s straight out of the box.

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Nope . If I use a bowl It’s for mostly soups and stews . I use a spoon as a utensil . I mostly eat plated food that uses a knife and fork . Make sense ?

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Totally get it and trying to use a knife in those big ramen bowls, is to say the least, is pain in the ass material!

I got a 4pk of those big bowls at Costco, thinking if I wanted a big salad, like Elaine, on Seinfeld…but instead, I’m using them more for my risotta, wilted spinach grilled halibut/sea bass, instead of my gorgeous plates from France.

I use my gorgeous majolica plates from Italy .

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You might like this from Correlle for everyday use - added bonus of being unbreakable.

to present ala


I wanna see pics of those ga ga gorgeous plates!

http://www.biordi.com/images/products/regular/20.jpg This is the simplified pattern . I have a bowl of the same . I have multiple pieces of Italian Majolica . Biordi Arts San Francisco is where I get my pottery . .


So let me see if I’m understanding this :slight_smile: Last night we had steak, sauteed mushrooms and a ‘melange’ of corn off the cob with tomato, Vidalia onion and riced cauliflower. Would you eat that out of a bowl?

Probably, unless the steak was a bone-in ribeye or something.

Although I must admit that I’m a big fan of eating out of a rice cooker “bowl”. Make rice, steam vegetables on top of rice, along with some leftover rotisserie chicken, and I’m good to go. One bowl, one complete meal.

Better eating through less cleaning.


You must live alone :smile:

This was a rare, boneless rib eye. I eat plenty of leftovers, assembled as you describe, from a bowl but never the dinner I described.

I don’t eat meat which I think deserves a plate but I do a lot of grilled veggies over risotta and a big bowl…the decorative kind you can get at HomeGoods…nothing pedestrian dahling…hee hee

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i like this corelle bowl for my humongo salads


target will ship for free with a $25 total order


I have white bowls from Costco that are huge for my ‘humongo salads’ too!

No. I use bowls for wet food.

I’ve been experimenting with jubako lately. This is my third or fourth try, so I’m still trying to get used to the proportions.


WOW…like how you roll.

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Thanks so much, @Plumeria!

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Someday I will have the fortune and privilege of partaking in one of your meals.

Love the lotus roots, by the way.


It would be an absolute honor to provide you with a bento, @ipsedixit. I just have to get in a little more practice, but I’ll definitely hook you up.

Isn’t the crunch from lotus roots addictive?