Impeach Michael Bauer?

Anyone here behind the account :wink:

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From today’s Shakewell review - not a reflection on the restaurant but on the bogus anonymity of the review and his treatment there:

"When chef Jen Biesty brought out three irregular pieces of boneless fried chicken stacked on each other, with red chile sauce dripping off the sides and onto thick pools of tangy fenugreek yogurt, she said deadpan: “It’s a little Greece meets Oakland.”

(1) How frequently does the chef bring out your main course in a crowded restaurant? Not frequently, but not never.
(2) How frequently does the chef happen to tell a diner “It’s a little Greece meets Oakland” when bringing out a dish if the diner isn’t Michael Bauer? Probably never.

One can only wonder what else transpired during this “seemingly random innocuous conversation where the chef coincidentally brought out the dish to the anonymous restaurant reviewer.”

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