Imperial Valley Chinese-Mexican

An interesting read. Thanks for posting.

If you’re ever interested, Turista Libre does a Mexacali day trip every February for the Chinese New Year’s celebration. It’s a day trip…Border → Mexacali → Border. It’s a long trip, but I’ve heard it’s a really fun trip.

There was a small chain of restaurants up in the San Fernando Valley called Don Cuco’s that had about 4 Chinese dishes on their menu. You could tell they were Chinese in origin, but with Mexican ingredients. My SO thought I was crazy when I ordered them, but they were really pretty tasty. I haven’t been back in over 20 years since we moved back to SD. I think the chain is still around but not sure if the Chinese dishes are still on the menu. From what I gathered, not too many people ordered them. People up in LA must of thought that you only order Mexican food at a Mexican restaurant.