In Bloom - Paso Robles

In Bloom - Paso Robles

This place had been on my radar for a while, finally found the opportunity. I dined solo but didn’t let that stop me. Every time I’ve looked at the menu it’s been pretty focused which made it even easier to trust ordering a handful of dishes and knowing they’d go together.

Usually when on my own I use the meal as an opportunity to chill in silence and reflect on how much daydreaming I do. This time I had a book and some scratch paper, thought maybe I’d occupy myself. I was sat near a window tho and couldn’t resist watching traffic go by on Spring St.

Always take the opportunity to stop and slow down

Summer Salad - bibb lettuce, green onion dressing, tomato, black pepper oats, pecorino

You gotta have a salad and I’m glad they offered this one.

Eggplant - tomato & fennel hummus, poached cherry tomatoes, sourdough (more slices than pictured)

One of my bites of the year for sure. I almost talked myself out of it because I figured the other dishes were enough but I’d like to give a shout to the server who was like, we were talking about it a bit, you sure you don’t want to add on that eggplant?

Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc by Clos Solène - if some lemons and a grapefruit started a rock band?! I like the idea of a guy from Languedoc-Rousillon heading to Bordeaux then winding up in Paso Robles. I think this was my first wine from Clos Solène and I’m glad I decided to stay local.

Gnudi - tomato fonduta, local corn & cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, parmesan

Yes, just yes. I coulda sat with this dish for a while

Baby Squash - grilled squash & zucchini, rosé beurre blanc, white chocolate & rice crumble

When I was looking at the menu in the weeks leading up to dinner the rosé beurre blanc was the first component that kept jumping out at me like yeah I want whatever that’s a part of

Duck Breast - smoked strawberry agrodolce, lavender, fennel soubise, bee pollen

Those white strawberries hot damn, preserved in a salted lavender syrup.

Not sure whether I was served George or one of the associates

Cannoli - espresso, sea salt caramel, cookie crumble

what a follow after the duck and the perfect setup for a walk around town


Thank you so much for this amazing thorough review - your words along with the photos transported me as if I was sitting next you there. We are a group of 8 going in a couple of weeks, and we just secured our reservations for dinner there. Any other places - be it winieries, restaurants or other stops you enjoyed there? Again, thank you for this review!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words!! I hope you have a wonderful time. Ill be passing through in a few weeks and able to visit In Bloom again

BENOM Wines looks cool and at Bell’s I had a bottle of Syrah from Delmore that I loved. Also I’ll shout out the Clos Solene up above

As for Paso Robles as a whole, I won’t lie I don’t know a ton. I mainly pass through the area on drives between SF and LA.

Ember is a longtime favorite of mine in Arroyo Grande

I was hoping to try Flour House in San Luis Obispo but they’re closed the day I’m available

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I appreciate your extra recommendations! I have also heard great things about Clos Solene. As of right now we have reservations at Daou on a Thursday (which will be our first stop before checking into our rental home for the weekend). In Bloom for Friday Night Dinner. We are thinking of booking Junction for our pre-concert dinner for Saturday night. Trying to narrow it to at least 3 tastings for Friday day. Explore Tin City and enjoy tasting rooms and lunch there Saturday. Maybe Fish Gaucho for Thursday night (from what I understand, order from their speciality menu not their main menu). We are staying at a beautiful estate, so I’m sure we will want to relax and enjoy the property too.

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If you are planning on cooking or bbqing at the estate there is a nice butcher in Paso. J&R Natural Meats and Sausages. It may look like you’re in the wrong place but keep going you’ll see a stand alone building eventually. They have a bunch of different types and flavors of jerky. We liked the sausages and steaks.


AmByth Estate is good. Natural / biodynamic but you wouldn’t necessarily guess that tasting blind.


Thank you for this tip! We actually might end up cooking on night 1. :slight_smile: