In Bloom - Paso Robles

In Bloom - Paso Robles

This place had been on my radar for a while, finally found the opportunity. I dined solo but didn’t let that stop me. Every time I’ve looked at the menu it’s been pretty focused which made it even easier to trust ordering a handful of dishes and knowing they’d go together.

Usually when on my own I use the meal as an opportunity to chill in silence and reflect on how much daydreaming I do. This time I had a book and some scratch paper, thought maybe I’d occupy myself. I was sat near a window tho and couldn’t resist watching traffic go by on Spring St.

Always take the opportunity to stop and slow down

Summer Salad - bibb lettuce, green onion dressing, tomato, black pepper oats, pecorino

You gotta have a salad and I’m glad they offered this one.

Eggplant - tomato & fennel hummus, poached cherry tomatoes, sourdough (more slices than pictured)

One of my bites of the year for sure. I almost talked myself out of it because I figured the other dishes were enough but I’d like to give a shout to the server who was like, we were talking about it a bit, you sure you don’t want to add on that eggplant?

Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc by Clos Solène - if some lemons and a grapefruit started a rock band?! I like the idea of a guy from Languedoc-Rousillon heading to Bordeaux then winding up in Paso Robles. I think this was my first wine from Clos Solène and I’m glad I decided to stay local.

Gnudi - tomato fonduta, local corn & cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, parmesan

Yes, just yes. I coulda sat with this dish for a while

Baby Squash - grilled squash & zucchini, rosé beurre blanc, white chocolate & rice crumble

When I was looking at the menu in the weeks leading up to dinner the rosé beurre blanc was the first component that kept jumping out at me like yeah I want whatever that’s a part of

Duck Breast - smoked strawberry agrodolce, lavender, fennel soubise, bee pollen

Those white strawberries hot damn, preserved in a salted lavender syrup.

Not sure whether I was served George or one of the associates

Cannoli - espresso, sea salt caramel, cookie crumble

what a follow after the duck and the perfect setup for a walk around town