In search of: American-style sushi rolls

So where can i get some quality philly rolls, california rolls, dragon rolls, spider rolls, and other creative rolls not found in Japan?

Wow! In OC the answer would be 95% of the sushi places, not to mention the to-go case at half the super markets. Now, really good quality versions may be harder but still pretty easy. I know that regional Chinese cuisines have almost completely swamped Cantonese and certainly Americanized versions in the LA area… but has the same thing happened to ‘Americanized’ sushi in LA?

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In terms of “creative” rolls - Iroha Sushi, Sushi Yuzu, Nori Sushi. These also have the advantage of having relatively high-quality fish. Probably check the Katsu-ya properties as well. Not really sure about the “basic” americanized rolls.


Katsu-ya, not to be confused with Katsuya. Good quality fish, and they do have spider rolls, dragon rolls, etc.

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Do we have anything like uchi in austin?

Yuzu’s a good call, they are higher quality than most in their class and since their primary clientele is upper/middle class entertainment industry folk too lazy to drive to Studio City, they probably bang out 100 rolls for every omakase.

Rolls don’t seem as…“innovative”…as uchi though (based on my perusing of the uchi menu and recollection of the Yuzu menu)

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Kanpai Sushi in Westchester does quite a variety of American style rolls but also has quite a variety of neta if you want more traditions sushi. Also plenty of cooked food for the raw fish averse. One of my fav non special occasion sushi places

Kiyokawa (not “Go by Kiyokawa”)

Jeez… Not only had I been eating at the wrong sushi place, even worse, I had been calling it the name of the even more wrong-er sushi place.

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I wish. The menu looks terrific. They name the source for each type of fish!

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I like this thread, and am surprised it’s coming from you. But then again I shouldn’t be. You are unpredictable.

Where :angry:?

Sushi Yuzu

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Sometimes you’re just in the mood for hot dogs, apple pie, and american sushi.


Thanks for the reminder, meaning to check em out.

+1 Hamasaku
-1 Katsuya


I knew you’d say that :blush:.

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yeah, where is this?. all i can find is a 7 year old review from jgold and references to “go by kiyokawa”.


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Yep… That’s the one I found too. The one ipse said not to go to. Hmmm…

which one of these places is closet to mid-city?