In Search of: Banana Bread with NO nuts

Aside from Winsome, is there any other place that sells banana bread without nuts in the SoCal area?

Thanks in advance!

what type of heathen would eat such a thing?

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I think Old Town Baking Company, which goes to a bunch of farmer’s market, has a strawberry banana bread without nuts.

Can’t help you however banana bread is super easy to make if you’re so inclined.

Nut allergies?

I like the nutless banana bread at The Reyn in Pasadena. $6.99 a loaf.

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I’m asking for a disabled friend (not easy for her to cook) who also happens to have a nut allergy. Thanks.

Keep the recs coming! Gracias!

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Duke Bakery

If by “bread” you mean a “loaf of bread” as opposed to the more commonplace “cake” that is nowadays commonly associated with “banana bread”.

lodge bread.

Tesucher, choc in there,