In search of San Diego’s best pumpkin pie

My son and I are on the search for the best pumpkin pies in Southern California. Since November 2016 we’ve tried over 40 unique pumpkin pies around greater Los Angeles. Since we are running out of pumpkin pie locally AND we often find ourselves in San Diego County for youth soccer matches, we’d love to extend our search for the best pumpkin pie…

Note: we’ve already eaten pies from Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods etc. We are looking for uniquely San Diego pies.

If you were to suggest the top 5 pumpkin pies from this list or add any missing ones, what would they be?

Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe, Carlsdad
Peace Pies, Encinitas & Point Loma
Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon, Encinitas
Elizabethan Desserts, Encinitas
Debbie’s Restaurant & Pie Shoppe, San Marcos
Julian Pie Company, Julian and various retailers
Sugar and Scribe, La Jolla
Michele Coulon Dessertier, La Jolla
Crafted Baked Goods, San Diego
Starry Lane Bakery, San Diego (Hillcrest)
Pop Pie, San Diego (University Heights)
Great Maple, San Diego (University Heights)
Extraordinary Desserts, San Diego (Park West and Little Italy)

You’ve got a pretty good list started.

Elizabethan Desserts and Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon are the same owner so I’m not sure if the pumpkin pie would be the same or different at each location.

Sugar & Scribe and Michele Coulon Dessertier both turn out some great desserts. I’ll be interested to hear how you like them.

I haven’t tried the sweet pies at Pop Pie, but I have had their savory pies. I haven’t been wow’ed by them nor have I been turned off by them. They’re okay to good but not great and especially not great for the price. Oddly, I like their side dishes far better than their pies. Your mileage may vary.

Peace Pies is the hippy dippy, raw, vegan and totally waste free entry on your list. Pies are good.

I’d like to add Azucar Bakery in Ocean Beach to your list, but I’m not sure they do a pumpkin pie. The same with Edelweiss Bakery in Rancho Bernardo, not sure they do a pumpkin pie. Call first before you go.

Happy eating.

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Thank you @DiningDiva for sharing your pie knowledge!

Azucar said they make a pumpkin flan in November. Does that count? It looks amazing!

Edelweiss said they will have pumpkin pie in November around the holidays or it can be special ordered now.

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I like Azucar quite a bit. Try the mojito cookies too. Parking on Newport can be a challenge depending upon day and time. Just know that if you go, there is a small parking lot in back, off the alley.