Inaba - Tempura Kaiseki Dinner tonight

Inaba has been one of my favorite Tempura restaurant in LA for a very long time, especially after the original Komatsu closed (the new location Komatsu is nothing like the old). Dinner tonight was good as usual. Inaba also has one of the best soba in Southern California as well.

All 4 of us had the Tokujyo Tempura Kaiseki dinner for $45 each (great deal!). Comes with 5 courses.

Assorted sashimi


Assorted tempura

2nd tempura course consisting of Unagi (and bone), Shitake mushroom, whiting fish, uni. Absolutely delicious!

Cold soba, dipping sauce and Kagiage.

Finished off with black sesame ice cream.

Yes, and they do serve flavored dipping salts…


This bastardization of Japanese cuisine has got to stop.

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The tenpura and zaru soba there make for an irresistible combo. Last meal worthy.

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You wrote Unagi here when I was writing about Anago, but, by commenting about the bone, are you implying that having the bone means you got freshly butchered Unagi?

No. I was referring to Anago at I-Naba.

I’m sure it’s a mis-type by @KTLA

Yes, my error. Should have been salt water eel, Anago.

am I the only one that thinks this looks way overpriced for $45?

Funny I felt it was a good value - 9 bucks a course?

$45 seems like a pretty reasonable price to me, assuming it was all good quality and well-prepared (don’t forget that OP had an unpictured dessert, as well).

Quality at I-naba is really good.

It’s one of the few places where they actually do both sushi/sashimi and soba/tempura really well.

We were there last night. Yes, quality was very good. But did not get anago bone though. Got asparagus instead.

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It assumed it was, based on the raves the places got previously on CH. I only went once, but I thought the tempura was really lovely (so light and delicate).

Komatsu at the previous location had slightly better Tempura than Inaba. But was pretty close. Since the closure, Inaba is my Tempura go to restaurant. They also have one of the best cold soba in the LA area. Tough combination to beat!