Indian Accent: 5/29/17

All of the bougie places I wanted to have lunch at were shut down for the holiday. I noticed that Indian Accent was open. When I visited Delhi, it was pretty much the only meal that I enjoyed, and I enjoyed it a lot ( at the suggestion of a friend, I took a tour of the Golden triangle in India. Much to my dismay, most of our meals were taken at hotel buffets.)

Amuses: pumpkin coconut soup and blue cheese naan.

First Course: sweet potato shakarkandi, kohlrabi, crispy okra

Second Course: paper roast dosa, wild mushrooms, water chestnuts


Probably the first time ever ever had shaved truffles on an Indian dish. Food was quite beautiful and they did not hold back on the spice or heat. Service was really attentive and friendly. And as I walked down the street to Milkbar to get some goodies, I realized that the aftertaste from lunch that remained on my palate was really delightful. I don’t think I consider that very often. A lot of really good flavors and really great technique. And the place really started to fill up as I continued my meal. I wish them continued success. It was a lovely place to spend a bit of this rainy and sort of gloomy afternoon.

Oh, and there’s this, too (with my weird IG tags):