Indian Food Recs Beverly Hills to Hollywood

Is it just me or is Indian truly lacking in LA?
Anyone have any good recs Beverly Hills to Hollywood?
Looking for more on the spicy side of things…Lahore style, but open to anything.

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Anarbagh and India’s Grill are probably your best bets in the immediate area. If you want Pakistani food, the closest decent options are Culver City or Lawndale.

I’m sure someone like @MyAnnoyingOpinions will chime in to tell us how much all of these places suck. :grin: But I actually think the Indian food scene has really improved during my time here, especially around Culver City.

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Culver City. A lot of things are lacking in LA but we do have Pioneer Ave here.

Considering Lahore is in Pakistan, not India, you would probably be better off looking for Pakistani food instead of Indian. The cooking style is different.

They are both outside of your zone, but try Al-Watan and Al-Noor. Tawakal in Chatsworth is also good. Taj Tandoori is in the area you requested, and I’ve heard it’s good, but I’ve personally never been.


Crown of India in Hollywood for North Indian is great. I believe the chef was originally at India’s Grill back in the 90’s when that place used to be my favorite.


insert obligatory ns1 all pani puri in LA suck comment here

Love Taj Tandoori, but it’s actually in Culver City, not Beverly Hills/Hollywood.

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i’m down for west side recs as well…and just general LA area

Compared to… ?

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Have you tried Mumbai Ke Gallion Se in Encino? I haven’t been myself, but they might have the kind you’re looking for.

Mumbai’s food is so unique to that area that I think you’ll have a hard time finding Mumbai specialties around here (dabeli, vada pav, etc).

Looks like they moved to Artesia or…?

Ugh, sorry, got my places mixed up. Streets of India is the one in Encino. Mumbai Ki Gallion Se (which translates to “from the streets of Mumbai”) is in Artesia. Got my “Streets of” mixed up.


Do you like Streets of India? I really enjoy their lunch buffet, but I don’t know much about Indian food (and it make not work for the OP, since their food is not at all spicy).


I actually used to work down the street from streets of India, they do have a great lunch buffet!!!

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What are some places you like now?

Have you tried Taj Tandoori, Zam Zam, and Al Watan?

i haven’t honestly really enjoyed any place in LA that i’ve been too…Nowhere where I ever crave it again

So have you tried any or all of the places recommended so far? It’s hard to gauge your expectations here.

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what exactly is off about the places you’ve tried? What are you comparing them to? Keep in mind that most of the better places are where there are more Indians/Pakistanis, so Artesia, Diamond Bar, the Valley, etc.

I’m Indian, and I think we have a couple good places in LA, but I also don’t eat Indian food out unless I’m at a wedding/party where there’s catered food, or if we go to Artesia and decide to eat there while shopping.

The best “Indian” in LA is actually served in Pakistani restaurants, as they’re not catering to lunchtime white American salarymen who want cheap, heat lamped cafeteria style slop. As @boogiebaby recommended, try Al Noor in Lawndale.