India's gandhi tandoori bollywood mahal

so, last summer i started this series of dinners. i cook, 8 people pay $30 for the food plus $10 for wine. i’ve done four of them since last july. last night was the fourth. here’s what was on the menu.




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menus for the first three dinners:



somewhere between a kerala-style beef curry and rendang. hence the hyphen in indo-nesian.

the paneer for the first course had been made just about 30 minutes before service. it was still warm. a real treat for people who’d never eaten paneer outside of a restaurant in the u.s.

and i use yogurt rather than vinegar or lemon juice to curdle the milk, so it doesn’t have an acidic tang. the recipe, from a departed friend, is here.


Interesting. I’ve never heard of using yogurt to make paneer, but I suppose it makes sense due to the acidity. Although that is quite a bit of yogurt! Doesn’t the paneer then have a strong flavor of yogurt?

I do 1 gallon milk to 2-3 tbsp. vinegar, then I rinse the curds before pressing to remove the vinegar flavor. If I use whole milk, I get about 3 cups of soft paneer out of it (which I use for kofta, cutlets or parathas). I press it longer if I’m making pakoras, kadhai paneer, etc.

in my opinion, the flavour, texture are far better with yogurt. the yield is a lot higher too: i get way, way more than 3 cups of paneer from 1 gallon of milk when making it with yogurt.

But that’s because you’re adding the solids from the yogurt. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try it out sometime and see how it differs.

yes, but i want more paneer…