India's Tandoori on Wilshire?

Any recommendations / avoids? Is it quiet enough for a conversation amongst friends?

It’s pretty average indian fare. It was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine in college since they delivered and I sometimes crave a bunch of curries all running together all ordered extra hot with a bunch of rice on the side… When it comes to regular-ol indian places in that area, I liked this one best (of course that was about 10 years ago.

As far as whether it’s quiet? I ate there once, and I think we were the only ones there.

We ended up at Paru’s - food was fine if unexceptional, but company was excellent and that’s what was important that evening.

We’ll keep India’s Tandoori for the next time we do the LACMA.

If you’re near LACMA, and aren’t set on Indian, Genwa is an excellent choice for Korean food.

Not sure if this is the same “India’s Tandoori”, with the same folks running it, that used to be down on Pico at roughly Fairfax, more than a decade ago. It, and the similarly named resto in Burbank, in turn appeared to be a spin-off of the original, now gone, India’s Oven, which started out at Pico/Fairfax, and then moved, after the riot ('92?) to Beverly near LaBrea.

I infer “spin off” in that not only did the IT menu seem to have exactly the same items, including the lunch specials, as IO, but they seemed to be listed in exactly the same order, in the same typeface.

Back in the day, serviceable, and consistent, if not truly remarkable, Indian food.

Anyone got an update from the last decade or so?