Ingo's or Truxton?

Meeting someone for a quick bite tomorrow nite, and these two are basically our options.

These are our choices as the place has to essentially be within walking distance of Arizona and Euclid, and within a low-mid range price point so places such as Rustic Canyon, Belcampo and obviously Melisse are out.

Any thoughts on these two? I haven’t been to Truxton Santa Monica, only to the one by LAX and very long ago (like when they first opened about a decade ago).


Haven’t been to Truxton but I was pleasantly surprised by Ingo’s when I met friends there a couple months ago. I remember that the deviled eggs were really good, and others loved the Brussels sprouts but I found them a bit greasy. For mains, I liked my not totally tradional spaghetti and meatballs (took most of it home) and friends enjoyed the burgers and some sort of fish dish. Plus you can’t beat their happy hour drink prices - all the fancy cocktails and wines by the glass were $6 until 7pm.

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Since money is a factor, I think Ingo’s is actually a bit pricey for what you get. Better PQR w/Truxtons but adjust expectations accordingly.

Might do better at Warsawa or whatever they’re called now. Early enough to get to Wexler’s before close? Inotheke too far? Or Spinfish if fast casual is ok.

Inotheke would probably be what I’d choose. Uber there if you have to.

Nice place. Good food. Hope they make it.