Instant Pot - Questions, Techiniques & Results

I thought this may be a fun thread to start since I’m new to the game.
I’ve done a few things with the Instant Pot by now. But in my rush to get out the door, I forgot to defrost some beef to make beef and vegetable soup later. Can I still make beef and vegetable soup with the frozen beef chunks? If so, what settings and how long would I need to cook everything? I’ve read some articles about this and some folks seem to think it’s okay, but I’m more to trust this crowd than some random blog posts.

I made beef stew in 25 minutes. I think you’re supposed to add 10 minutes for frozen meat.

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Fantastic! Thanks, @Bookwich! I was afraid I might have to stop at the store on the way home from work.

May I add a question?

I have a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. I ‘feel’ like I don’t need or can’t justify one of these. Your thoughts? TIA

Just bought one. Made white rice last night and came out much better than our 7 year old fancy Japanese rice cooker which was on its last legs. Our 5 and 7 year old kids thought so too.

How much rice and water did you use?

My wife made the rice and she followed the instructions in the booklet. The ratio is 1:1.

We made 2 cups of white rice and it took us about 20 minutes to cook using the normal rice function. Some people do not use the normal rice function and time it on their own.

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Mine never comes out right. Then again, I’m always trying to make Japanese or black or brown rice, so it gets weird.

Our rice was Japanese purchased from H-mart. The rice came out a little on the wet side. Our friends who use the InstaPot daily told us it takes some tinkering to find the right timing for certain dishes.

Forgot to mention that I also have a rice cooker. I use 2:1 water to rice. Interesting.

Our rice cooker had lines on the inside to show where to fill the water up to based on how many cups of rice you used and whether it was white, brown or mixed rice. I’m not sure what the ratio was but think it was closer to 1:1.

I’m going to try using the Instant Pot in the next few weeks to make chili and galbi jjim. Would love to hear any feedback on your experience making either dish in the Instant Pot.

please report back - IP galbi jim sounds amazing.


These are the droids you are looking for:


Lamb ragu, based on the Mozza recipe. I used lamb chunks instead of shanks, and it was cooked in 30 minutes, not including minor prep time. So very tender!


@attran99 - Do you think we should maybe change the title of this thread to something like:

“Instant Pot - Questions, Techniques and Results”

It may make it more comprehensive?

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where’d you find this?

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@Bookwich Agreed and done :slight_smile:

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Like @Ns1 I’m interested in the recipe, too! This sounds like a fantastic meal.

The Mozza Cookbook, by Nancy Silverton, Matt Molina, and Carolynn Carreno

sringing nettle tagliatelle with lamb ragu, taggiasche olives, and mint (pages 192-193)

The directions are very detailed and specific. I had to write my own Cliff notes the first time I made it, so as not to get lost in the details. But it’s really not as complicated as it seems, especially if you have already have plain tomato sauce and chicken stock in the freezer.


Fired up the Instant Pot for chicken tortilla soup…using the same recipe I learned from a neighbor ages ago, it was cooked in less than half an hour. Convenience is just short of a miracle and the flavor was better than cooking it in a crock pot.