Instant Pot refried beans

First time I’m using the Instant Pot for beans, and I’m concerned about cooking time.

I was checking out Youtube video recipes. One called for 50 minutes, five for 45 minutes, one for 35 minutes, and two for 30 minutes.

Traditionally, when not using the IP, lard is utilized. How do feel about lard, butter, etc.with the Instant Pot?

I use the Instant Pot only for steaming and braising. Cooking a whole dish that requires multiple phases such as sauteing in a deep, narrow pot with an electric burner? Forget it.

Refried beans take two phases: cook the beans, then saute and mash them. I might use the Instant Pot for the first phase, though generally I’ve had better results cooking beans on the stove. I have used the Instant Pot when old beans cooked on the stove come out chalky and I want to use brute force to make them edible.