Interesting Catering Ideas?

Anyone have any recent ideas for this catering quandary? I need to find a fun and non-taco catering option for 40 or so adults, ideally for $1,200 or less.

Does that budget include drinks?

Panda Express

A pizza truck? There are a couple that I was looking at for a party a while back, but ended up catering from various vendors at my house instead. @JeetKuneBao suggests Chef Peter Hung for traditional Vietnamese banh xeo…he also offers tri-tip and American-style BBQ sides for folks not as adventurous.

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Like minds… I was thinking Vietnamese or Korean.

Giant paella.

That was my first thought since we’ve been discussing paella. But can you do it for $25-$30 per person? He hasn’t said whether that budget includes beverages.

Loving these suggestions (aside from Panda) so please keep em coming. Was thinking of Korean but hadn’t considered Vietnamese.

Budget does not include drinks. Work colleagues will be covering that angle.

Thinking of a food truck but not sure which ones are worth considering. Looks like Kogi is $1,500 minimum plus fees. (That, and it’s somewhat garbage stoner food.)

Guerilla Tacos has a $25/pp catering option.


We’re looking for unfussy, vegetarian-friendly (chix, seafood ok), full-service catering for a backyard party near mid-city. Bday boy likes Thai, Vietnamese & Mexican. Guerrilla Tacos is a definite option. I’d appreciate any ideas. Thanks!


we used Holy Basil to cater our daughters bday prior to pandemi. it was fantastic. i know they did a wedding recently.


Oh great! Putting them on the list!

Oh, Flaco taco also catered a small event and it was great.

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Flaco’s website says they’re pretty busy most weekends until November but I emailed them anyway. We’ll see.

Chef Wes Avilas from Angry Egret Dinette also caters. He’s been doing interesting things for dinner that I think your celebrant might enjoy.
Also forgot…you could go baller status a la @CiaoBob and have a paella party.

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Ohh I’ll check it out @attran99. Thanks.

So far, Flaco is out. GT said they can do it, but I need to do budget calculations, as the guest list is growing by-the-minute (35ish) and we want full-service (setup, server & takedown). Holy Basil is also on board which may be more economical and compatible - bday boy’s MIL is bringing spring rolls, etc. from Brodard. :partying_face:


That’s definitely on the back-burner for a smaller party! :blush:

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Sounds like a party we should crash @attran99 ? :wink:


Uh hmm, it’s gonna be good!


I had La Paella Catering on Friday night while as a guest at a party. They took care of appetizers, 3 types of paella, and a salad.

The appetizers were a hit. Each one was great.
Bluefin ceviche
Langoustines with avocado mousse and some sauce I can’t remember
Bacalao croquettes
Bacon-wrapped dates with goat cheese

The paella options were seafood, meat, and vegetarian. The paellas tasted good. Two issues…the bomba rice was still very al dente and the paella itself seemed too saucy to me. I don’t think paella should ever be this saucy…which now makes sense that the rice was undercooked…it didn’t absorb all the liquid. For those who are curious, no soccarat was noticeable. Not sure if there was any intent to obtain soccarat status.