Interesting Catering Ideas?

I have a small group (10-12) coming to my house for dinner. Normally I would cook, but for whatever reason, my wife wants to have someone come and cook. We have batted around the idea of paella (Social Paella or LA Paella Catering), but that is going to end up being somewhere north of $100/pp. This is fine, but I am thinking that if we are spending $100/pp, what could some of our other options be. Hired chef, catering company, food truck, etc., all ideas are welcome and appreciated!!

We are looking for something fun and any style food would be considered.

Interesting topic. When? What type of vibe and occasion? Sit-down w/servers, buffet, backyard, passed hors d’oeuvres?

Yea, probably should be able to get a chef for hire for that kind of money for the night.

Taco dudes are aplenty, but that’s kind of boring.

There’s this Ukranian guy with amazing pirozhki but menu is limited and is more of a snack akin to empanada .

Maybe something like Bludso’s bbq. Good Indian trays of food would also reheat well. (MAYURA)

i’m planning same thing for like 20 but i know i’m going to end up cooking again… if you come up with a cool idea please report back

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jesus, at 100pp can’t you hire the wolvesmouth dude


My friend has had good success with Lisa’s Bon Appetit in the South Bay.
We are trying Chef Mumsie from Orange County this weekend. The menu is eclectic. The main party planner has selected displayed appetizers of smoked salmon deviled eggs, charcuterie and formage platter, crab crostini, and vegetable crudites. The rest of the menu is a mix of garden party fare (tea sandwiches, salads), Filipino favorites (pancit, lumpia), and Hawaiian dishes (spami masubi, fish). It’s his wife’s birthday and he’s picked a wide variety of her favorite foods. I’ll post pictures and a review after the party. Pricing was very reasonable.

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Early February. The vibe is casual but FUN. We could do any of the mentioned “set-ups” as we are doing this at our house.

I’m loving Thumbtack right now. My cousin just used them to find a caterer for a party. It’s free, super easy, insured, and they don’t blow you up with spam. You give them the budget, etc. and vendors contact you within minutes.

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That’s how my friend found Chef Mumsie.

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Ask Leo at Bulgarini if he will cater your event. Pasta and gelato. Win-win.


Great idea. That would be amazing! :slight_smile: Bulgarini’s Handmade Pasta & Sauces and their legendary Gelato. :slight_smile:


Penny Ante Provisions, Centeno’s carering company seems to fit the “interesting” description.

Chef Ruth Maria Schreber Sanchez is from the Canary Islands. She has made sushi with Chef Onodera (ex-boss at Mori Sushi) in the past, and is well-versed in new Spanish gastronomy, as well as traditional paella techniques. Her Facebook link is here.

Went to a party that was catered by Le Petite Spoon ( Was only a guest, so I don’t know any of the details about pricing, etc. Main point of the party wasn’t the food, and it was ~2 yrs ago, so I can’t recall what was served. :frowning: I do remember enjoying it, though… :slight_smile:

How about pizza:

Because I was too busy running around helping with the party, I didn’t have a chance to take photos of the food. I can report back that the food was delicious! The timing of the food was paced well. The smoked salmon devil eggs and crab crostini were excellent. They make their own flavored cheese balls to pair with a variety of crackers, and there was good charcuterie, too. The appetizers were refreshed a few times before lunch was brought out. I did not get a chance to sample the Filipino food except for the beef stew because all of that disappeared quick. The Greek salad was solid as was the pesto penne pasta, lavash sandwiches, chicken salad, roasted fingerling potatoes, spam masubi, and marble cake with champagne buttercream. That’s what I was able to taste. Main entrées were refilled.
Service was great. They had 4 servers rotating around refilling food, clearing tables, and taking orders for the bar. The kitchen was cleaned and leftovers were packaged up for the host to take home for the after party.
I chatted with the chef, and she went to culinary school locally before deciding to travel the world to get a better idea of cultures and food. She’s super passionate about her work, and offers cooking classes tailored to your cooking level and desires.
I found myself very impressed with the Chef Mumsie team from Dana Piont.


Great party!

piggybacking off an old topic.

Our non-profit is about to host a few fundraising events. Naturally, given my interests, a few of them are geared towards food.

I’m looking for some high QPR catering options for which I could sell event tickets to supporters. High QPR in this context means I can sell the ticket price for substantially more than the food cost (in the name of a good cause, of course) while still delivering enough value/taste that guests will feel ok with their decision to buy a ticket.


  • LA Paella and their ilk - reviewing their webpages, they start at $50pp and go way north of that. Not enough meat left on the bone for a fundraiser
  • BBQ is an option. I might hit up some of the new instagram players (like that studio city brisket dude, or ragtop ferns) and see if they’re interested. Major downside is lack of vegetarian choices.
  • Tacos are always an option
  • Clambake might be an option depending on $$$/person

I’ve been to a couple events with barbecue catered by Adam Perry Lang and the food was fantastic. I don’t know the cost, but I would think this qualifies as good QPR for your purposes - people know him by reputation and would be willing to pay a premium to try his food (especially before he opens his restaurant in Hollywood). Also, unlike a lot of barbecue chefs he also does some fantastic salads and non-meat enhanced vegetable sides.

APL caters in LA??

Well I don’t know if it’s a full-time business but he’s definitely done some events.