Inventor of General Tso's chicken dies at 98

First the Big Mac, now this.

Big Mac creator dies at 98.
General Tso’s Chicken creator dies at 98.

Apparently, eating Big Macs and General Tso’s Chicken will keep you ticking until age 98…:sunglasses:


Quick, someone check on the guy that invented the gringo taco and the corn dog. Are they ok?


What’s a gringo taco???

When some orders GT’s and a few other dishes, I know they really aren’t going to want to share with us :slight_smile:

Gringo taco = Taco Bell / homemade taco kit tacos / Titos

Charactesitcs are crunchy shells, usually mass produced. Mild spiced meat of some sort. Shredded orange cheddar cheese like food substance. Lettuce (iceberg, natch). Hot sauce to taste.

Best served with a giant cup of slightly flat watery Pepsi.

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Ah, thanks. Can’t remember last having one. Thank goodness. And I only drink Coke.

McDonald’s and Panda Express - please take me back. I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve said about you all. I will be devoted to you for life - at least until I’m 98.

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