IPhone 4 pergatory?

Oh, my! I joined this forum on my iPhone 4 and just now got around to looking at it on my laptop. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I was struggling to stay connected on the phone because of slow loading, difficulty in seeing the whole of what’s here, etc… A quick look tells me it’s the same thing on Hungry Onion. I was actually wondering why people seem so happy for these forums, given that minimal functionality on my phone, but the laptop version is a whole other world.

Since I access the internet around 95% on my phone I’m having some of the same feeling of disenfranchisement that I felt when the debacle began over on the site that shall remain nameless.
Is this just the reality with this forum software, or is there something I need to know?

While I’m posting I’d also like to know if there’s a nested format for reading topics. I see the posts in response but would have to remember what they’re replying to, or stop to open the nest. Not earth-shatteringly difficult, but I was wondering.

Maybe your phone has a much slower connection than your laptop?

I don’t find anything specific about that model on discourse.org, but it’s mentioned here as slow:


I’ve run speed tests on both and the speeds are the same. This isn’t a download issue, it just see that the mobile version of the site software (at least as it appears on MY phone) is far less obvious as to content. It wasn’t until I looked at the site on my desktop that I realized there was way more here than I thought. Just a point to make to new users I think.

“If you’re viewing the mobile version, click the menu icon (second from top right)”?

Yes. Thanks I’d figured that out earlier. It still doesn’t really show me the site content in the same way as on my PC, but I’m past that now. It also took a while to realize that clicking on the board icon as I’m scrolling down will open up more content, though it still seems as if (even doing that) I don’t see as much as on my PC. Could be my own learning curve.

iPhone 4 will be a little bit on the slow side, that said, it should function. You must though make sure you upgrade to the latest iOS out there and that you use Safari. You will pay a huge price for using Chrome performance wise.

What are some specific issues you are having ?

I’m not sure why speed keeps being brought up to me when I’ve explained that I’ve checked the speeds and download is almost exactly the same on my laptop as on my phone. The issue I’ve had îs that it’s taken me a while to figure our how the drop-down menu is the mobile gateway to the content that seems to be more easily visible on a laptop. I’m getting there with an exploration approach on mobile.

After a few days of getting more familiar I have to say it’s pretty cool. The only thing I find difficult (on both mobile and desktop) is what I see as a lack of post nesting. That makes following specific conversational segments rather confusing. I just tried to find
a link referred to one post supppsedly included on another post. I would think the referral post was a direct reply to the one that included the link, but I couldn’t find the original. Minor thing but it does take something away from the experience.

Is the issue here not megabits per second bandwidth but rather latency in response to HTTP requests or something like that?

I presume Chrome is not a problem on Android?

The issue is that Apple artificially restrict the speed Chrome can achieve on the iPhone. So by using Chrome you are paying a 40% speed price. Its not about moving the data … its about turning the data into a page :slight_smile: which is done in the browser.

I guess it might make sense to post this here.

But I notice that on an iPhone 6 (running the last OS 9.0.2), and using Safari to browse this site, when I try to leave the site by manually entering a website address, Safari will crash on me. Multiple times too.

Any thoughts @Sam.Saffron?