IppoRamen, East Bay ramen pop-up

I was alerted that this pop-up was going on at Tokyo Fish in Berkeley. For $9, I got a flavorful bowl of mild broth, a couple of slabs of roast pork, nori, a medium-boiled egg and various garnishes.

(not my photo)

He also has more intense versions of the broth, and I wish I’d written them down. There’s seating for about five people on a folding table.


I stopped there a few months back and it was a nice bowl. I wish I had known he was going to be there today, because I went by when he was setting up to pick up some things for lunch and dinner, but too early for a bowl.

It’s too bad that the web page doesn’t include a schedule. I guess you have to follow him on Twitter to get the news.

He’s no longer going to be at Toyko Fish Market. :disappointed_relieved:

He is still at the Kensington farmers market on Sundays. I think I’ll head up there next week to ask him about his plans.