Irvin's Salted Egg Snacks Coming This Week

First to Bofomopo Cafe in San Gabriel, then to 99 Ranch Market and others after that. Will people be lining up?


Excellent !!!

get :point_down:


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Excited to see Irvin’s make its way overseas. Didn’t know it also comes in spicy - looking forward to trying that one.

My friend brought me back a bag from Singapore. It was a great super bowl snack.

Thanks! I’ve tried all of them - even the crunchy roll ones - and I’ve always come back to the original chips. That “dangerously addictive” is accurate. I wonder if they will be rolling out to all the Ranch 99s nationwide?

Best news ever especially because my mule cancelled their trip from SNG to LAX. Hopefully the spicy potato chips and pineapple tarts will come too. Thank you!