Is Luv2Eat Closed or OK?


I tried reaching Luv2Eat Thai, only to find out their Website is now blocked by my browser for being an “Attack Page” (This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.)

I used to be able to get to their site.

In addition, no one has picked up when I tried calling them all weekend. (323) 498-5835

Are they temporarily closed? Or just bad luck on my part?


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Thanks @A5KOBE! Phew!

Got me worried there. :slightly_smiling: It is weird their website got flagged though. I’ll try calling back and visiting them next week.

Yeah, their website got flagged here too. Very odd.

Just saw them at Essentials. Planning to go back very soon, didn’t know they closed the restaurant though.

It takes them multiple days to produce that curry. Noree usually preps the curries deep into the night/early morning.

You can thank the Essential for closing them down Sunday. I know they enjoyed the recognition, but I hope they don’t do it again.


They are such nice people at L2E that they deserve the recognition, I’m rooting for them and if that means no L2E for a few days then so be it; It definitely had to hurt financially to be closed for a couple days.

Truly one of the few places where I’m treated like family. Maybe they feel somewhat indebted given the buzz LAWeekly has generated for them. Amazing that the curry takes multiple days, definitely my favorite place for Thai curries.


so true

This week!

Wasn’t Baroo closed for the whole week for the Essentials? :sweat_smile:

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In that case, I think @TonyC wishes they stay closed…

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