Is there a setting to mark posts as "read"?

I have looked through the settings pretty thoroughly, but I can’t locate a way to have the posts I have read compressed or otherwise marked, I thought that was one nice feature of CH. Is this not an option with Discourse?

Discourse automatically scrolls down to the first unread post. The posts aren’t threaded, so everything from there on is unread.

Since Chowhound is threaded, old and new posts are mixed in with each other, and the visual indicator is necessary.

When I click on the “new” thingy it takes me to the newest unread.

Ah, OK, thanks for the tutorial.

LOL. That was pretty pathetic but I don’t have the vocabulary :slight_smile:

OK, the scrolling to the first unread post answers my concern about already read posts not being differentiated.

But that leads to a bigger problem: The fact that responses to an OP are “unthreaded” leads to much confusion about what a new post is referring to. Yes, I know there is a designation, but it isn’t as obvious as the direct placement below and indentation was. Also, while the small note of “re: former poster” is somewhat helpful, often that poster has multiple posts on a topic. This leads to particular confusion about what restaurant or dish a new post refers to.

I’ve never found that a problem on unthreaded boards, any more than in normal conversation, which it more closely models.

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