Is this kosher?

I’ve brought a 10 pack of spicy wings from BBQ Chicken next door to eat at Young Dong Soon Tofu (in Diamond Bar). We ate the wings from the takeout container and also ordered several dishes from Young Dong. At the time I didn’t think anything of it. On another thread about Earthen people were discussing the braised pork in brown sauce across the parking lot at Shainghailander Palace.

Would it be kosher to take the braised pork to go and eat it out of the to go container with dumplings, scallion pancakes, etc… at Earthen? We would still order a substantial amount of food at Earthen.

So is this practice ok with you FTCers?

I’m too literal.


Were you thinking pastrami sandwich followed by a milk shake at Langers?


Why wouldn’t you just take it all to go?

Except for the scallion pancakes, Earthen travels.

Alternatively, take it all across the street and eat it at 85Deg. I’d pay $1 to watch that go down.

I’ll chip another $1.

I’m just waiting for kevin to comment on Young Dong.


I knew someone was gonna take the bait there. My money wasn’t on u!

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Too hot right now.

When the weather cools down I will do a bang bang bang and take one for the team.

Will send out a note before hand if anybody wants to join in the proceedings.

Would love to see pics of staff reactions… next best thing to seeing it in person!

Just called Earthen.

The Porkage Fee is a very reasonable $20.

Go get’em cowboy.


The phone call will sound something like: “Hi. I have $20. Can you pork me?”


with a young dong?

  • raises hand*


Still not fucking kosher though fuckers. :blush:

13 posts and still no answer to the question. Some people are having WAY too much fun here. ;o)))

Unless you happen to be south or is it fucking east of the Mason Dixon line or demarcation zone. In which the great rebbe a sagacious one for the utter fucking ages has provided a more than necessary variance.

The variance is key.

And then you can tackle the dope fucking swine lack none other, or rather Odom on a serious fucking binger.
(sorry to early ??) :smile:

I was serious.

Slip the server a 20 and you can eat the scallion pancakes from Northern Cafe next door, and just about anything else you want. From anywhere else.

Wow, Kevin. I can now officially state that I’ve read my first FTC post that went totally over my head. What the fuck did that mean?

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(BTW, is it kosher to quote CH in FTC?)


We’re not anal like TPTB.