Is this site better than the old Chow?

What’s the consensus ?

It looks like this particular site has been on the ground for months now.


The software’s better in many ways, though some people don’t like the unthreaded topics.

The moderation is relatively lax. Nobody’s paid to harass users.


Far and away.

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Nailed it Robert. .

So many damn ads and irrelevant crap, that I don’t look back and have been an active member on FTC since Oct 15 and I was formerly, the one, the only, Beach Chick on the San Diego Board…

You could shoot a cannon threw CH and it wouldn’t hit anybody.

Sad, since it was a major force for so many years to get your food groove on.

Depends on what you mean by the “old Chow”.

I think in/around 2012 or thereabouts, even with the redesign it was a fine site. But if by “old Chow” you mean Chowhound in its current iteration, then yes.

Have a look at the Los Angeles board (or tag or whatever) at Chowhound. Aside from the most recent post from an hour ago, the rest of the activity are days old. Yes, plural, days. Have a look for yourself.

I bear no ill will towards CBSi, Chow,, etc. but it is very very sad.

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Discourse (the software this site runs on, see has much better support for photos. (For that matter, it’s much better than Yelp’s.) You can post a high-resolution menu and it will be readable. I don’t know why CNET/CBS didn’t see any value in fixing that.

Images are automatically resized to fit the text column, but if you click you’ll get the full image. Click again and it will zoom in to 100% (one pixel in the image per pixel on screen).

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I think the LA board is the only one that pretty much moved over her en masse. (Oh yeah, Discourse also has text formatting.)

I think it was stupid of CBS to let apparently one guy screw up a perfectly good site, but there’s a fundamental problem with a community-driven site being run by a corporation trying to make money off of it, so it was probably inevitable.

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I’m surprised that it has stayed that way for the most part—I thought more people would migrate over. It would be great to have more participation on the other regional and topical threads. But this is much, much better than what CH has become.

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I’m just happy to see that everyone moved somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:
I like it here overall.

I will say that, while people complained about the heavy-handed moderation at times (and I definitely ended up having posts deleted a couple of times), I think that in many cases, it helped to keep things (relatively) civil and on-track.


At least on the SF board, from maybe 2014 on the moderators did little to keep things on track and the tone went way downhill due to their tolerance for trolls so long as they weren’t making overt attacks on other users. I got the feeling that whoever had been moderating must have left and CBS employees with higher priorities took over.

But there was no transparency there, so who knows?