Is Thor123 here? I want a La Barbera Pizza in 2015

Before the decimation of CH, there were plans to stage a one-night resuscitation of La Barbera’s pizza. Can we still make this a reality? Wienermobile, can you contact Son of Odin?


Son of Odin is indeed on the site.


I love that feature.

It’s like a “bat signal” for us FTC-ers. LOL.


Thor has a great avatar. All I got is a piece of dead fish.

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FTC’ers… is that kinda like WTF’ers?

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Better than three white lines connected simply at the ends.

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Kevin can you help out here???

This site is so rad.

This would give us a purpose.

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Post of the year?


Sure. I’ll let Thor know for fucking crying out loud.

Though I think he’s now on this site.

Hey man I’m surprised you haven’t tried it already.

I was looking forward to my sausage La Barberas, also! I think he said October deliver? And I won’t complain about the delivery charge :wink:

Yeah, I think it was in the fall or winter sometime.

My wonderful frozen La Barbara’s Pizza from Thor last July. Hope we have a chance to still buy more…

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Thanks for calling. Here is where we stand. He now wants to do it again (some family issues were making it hard). We have had discussions as to if it should be a one night event or a frozen pizza format. The frozen is how I get it and Weinermobile and Kevin can attest it taste fresh baked. He has some concern regarding regulations on sending frozen food through the mail. Does anyone have any expertise in this area?

Also, if anyone has any venue ideas that would be great too. Originally, was considering Vibrato if we went that way, but its a ton of work and money to put it together and I would rather something a bit easier. Any ideas are welcome.

Thor….So nice to see you here! Still dreaming about more La Barbara’s Pizza.