ISO a fave spaghetti and meatball recipe - for a 6 y.o.'s birthday

The above pretty much says it. Plus I’ve never made this ‘dish.’ I looked at Serious Eats and like this one.

Nothing wild and crazy but sounds packed full of flavor and moist. I’d love to have others faves. Hey, you’re only six once :sunny:

Leave out the sandwich part…

I’m liking this a lot! Thanks.

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Advice: When making pasta for 6 year olds, cook the pasta past al dente. Like way past.

Why - ours would hate it ?

I’ve only ever cooked it one way and they eat it just like we do.

I made this and it was SUPER!!! Not just ‘good for a kid.’ Thanks so much for sharing.

Re al dente pasta, I mentioned the comment to our daughter - an SFBA native - and she was appalled that anyone would overcook pasta :slight_smile:

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The recipes he posts are usually well tested and delish

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I had to have a small bowl for lunch today after the family left. Dang, it’s good. I’m kinda wondering about making a meatloaf from the recipe. Mmm.

Aghast, I say! Oh the indignation!

You could have put my smiley face there :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to leave these alone. One at a time I just have to MW for a few seconds and nibble. Mmm.

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I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work as meatloaf btw.

I’m thinking about boosting up the flavoring (fennel red pepper flakes) and doing a meatloaf

I wish fennel pollen wasn’t so expensive! or I’d use that lol fennel and red pepper sounds great

I’ve never had/used fennel pollen. But the seed is one of my faves. Probably IS my fave.

it has a nice sweetness to it. The seeds I like to toast pretty deeply then grind

Best thing to mix into meatloaf is (rehydrated) sea cucumbers.

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Even better is to mix a tiny bit of wagyu into a sea cucumber loaf ! Shunji needs to make this a reality, like yesterday.

I think you just won the Internet.

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