ISO a rec for a GREAT dinner but not a thousand dollar dinner

We have friends who are going to LV to celebrate her 50th birthday. I gather they have plenty of money but also gather that an uber expensive dinner wouldn’t suit them. They really like good food but perhaps not THAT much. Perhaps something that tops out at $250 or $500. Any faves? TIA.

For two? Per person? Per hand?

Oops, sorry. Probably for two. I don’t know them all that well but am kinda guessing on this. Just want to help them out with some recs.

L’atelier de joel robuchon
Le cirque
Bardot brasserie

Lotus of Siam.

Not on the Strip, but definitely within budget.

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Second Lotus of Siam.

Wow, are they all in the $500 range…for two?

For food, yes.

Never mind é, they really hiked their prices since the last time I went. Looks like it’s $250pp now.


Julian Serrano



I just noticed all of those restaurants are in Aria. lol

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