ISO: Alphonso Mangoes

So I’m here in Mumbai and evidently it’s the beginning of alphonso mango season. They tell me the 2nd best are kept for domestic consumption and the best are exported.

So, anyone got any leads? I found a ridiculous LAT article about Pioneer Cash & Carry preselling them a decade ago, but nothing current.

Yes, I know they will be expensive.

Might be cheaper (and easier) to just smuggle them back into the US from Mumbai.

Seriously, with modern technology you can payoff, ahem, contribute to the TSA pension fund nowadays with bitcoins. Cuz, after all, there’s an app for that.

Who is this “they” that is telling you such silly things? Mangoes don’t ripen well after being picked. The best Indian mangoes are in India, usually very close to point of origin. You’re in Bombay: look for alphonsos, see if you can luck into some banganapallis. It’s too early for the great mangoes from the north though: your himsagars, your daseris and your langdas

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[As an aside, I wrote today about a silly Lucky Peach piece on Indian mangoes. Some of you may find it of interest: Of Mangoes and Bullshit | My Annoying Opinions]

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