ISO Asian salad dressing

I found this one - Simplest Asian Dressing Recipe | Bon Appétit

And it’s quite tasty. But I’m wondering if y’all have a favorite. I’m doing fried tofu and rice and have salad on hand. Appreciate any suggestions. TIA.

Allow me to clarify. Rather than the broad “Asian,” let’s try Chinese’ish.

I don’t think Chinese eat raw lettuce, but google “Japanese carrot-ginger dressing”. It’s a good one.

That does sound good. Thanks.

My plans changed but I was going to do a fried tofu dish with rice. I’m lazy when doing something that requires last minute work and tend to opt for salad.

I’ve been using this recipe and variations on the theme for years…you can change up the amount of sambal or totally leave it out, depending on how spicy you want it. The miso adds some nice depth and flavor. I generally use a quarter to half the amount of sesame oil they’ve noted, since it’s so strong. I use yellow or white miso that can be found at the grocery store. Sambal is also readily available. It’s a very flexible recipe. It’s interesting to add a few tablespoons of fresh orange juice to it, or to use some olive oil in lieu of canola oil for a more distinct taste. (I’ve never made this salad BUT no green onions in dressing, or it’ll just be onion dressing - #fail from the past). Miso Dressing

The recipe looks super as do your tweaks. Thanks, Local.

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I make this all the time, sans the tofu. You can dice fresh tomatoes if you don’t have cherry tomatoes. It’s wonderful spooned over arugula or mixed lettuces.

I already know that this is going to be a regular. Arugula is one of my ‘happy places’ and cherry/grape tomatoes are always in the lineup. Thanks a mil for this, B.