ISO good eats in Greenpoint/Brooklyn?

We’re house exchanging with a couple who live in Greenpoint. We usually stay in/on the UWS in Manhattan and always go to Flushing and sometimes to the Bronx. We really know nothing about Brooklyn except that it’s become super popular. Looking for moderate to inexpensive places to eat on public transpo. Any cuisine is good for us. By moderate I’m thinking <$100 all in. If I get some feedback I can probably narrow this down some. TIA.

Just saw this Pete Wells review on Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen. Being from the South originally, that pimento cheese really calls out to me :slight_smile:

Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen Likes It Hot, but Not Hellish - The New York Times

This article is two years old but most places appear to still be in business and some sound super. That Paulie Gee’s, though a chain, menu of pizzas made me drool :slight_smile:

7 Best Restaurants in Greenpoint

xi’an famous foods

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If you can score a reservation, I would highly recommend a lunch or dinner at Peter Luger’s steakhouse in Williamsburg. It’s an institution and the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Also has strong old-school Brooklyn vibes.

At the very northern tip of Greenpoint, there is a lovely Japanese cafe by the name of Ashbox. Perfect for a light breakfast or lunch.

Also in Greenpoint is Glasserie, which is where the Madcapara duo (at the Grand Central Market) got their start and built their rep, order the rabbit three ways.

If you’re willing to make the short hop north to Long Island City (which despite the name is not in Long Island but just north of Greenpoint in Queens - easily accessible across the Pulaski bridge), you can eat some good mexican food at Casa Enrique. If the weather is decent ask to sit outside in their courtyard.

Have fun!

$100 all in for one is quite doable, depending if you drink a lot.

NOTE: Greenpoint is a bitch to get to - only one subway line - the G - which often has delays, especially on weekends. So having a lot of options nearby is a good idea

Fish market if you plan to cook