ISO Handmade Tortillas in SFV

Preferably in the Sherman Oaks - Van Nuys area.

Birrieria Mexico in a strip mall at the corner of Vanowen and Vesper (1 block west of Van Nuys Blvd.). There salsa also is fantastic.

Sorry to Bob_Brooks that I don’t have an answer, but while we’re at it–has anyone here explored the plethora of small Mexican markets/carnicerias in the SFV for staples like salsa, guacamole, house-rendered lard (and maybe even tortillas)? I regularly buy all those things at Vallarta to have around the house out of sheer convenience, but I’ve come to the conclusion that their stuff is pretty mediocre (other than their crema salvadorena in the deli section, which for some reason I adore).

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I rely on Vallarta, too. It’s nice their tortillas are made on site but that’s about the only good thing about them. I thank jsewel for his rec. and I’ll post after I check it out.

Went by at 10:00 am this morning. Standing room only. Gave up. Must go back at an off hour as I’m sure there’s a reason they’re so busy.