ISO of Bockwurst

Any place in San Diego to get Bockwurst?


Even in Germany there is sometimes confusion about the different styles of sausages - I assume you are talking about these (see pictures at the top) Bockwurst – Wikipedia

These are very similar to Wiener Wuerstchen and if you want good house made ones the German Market (Alpine Village) in Torrance has very good ones (and makes a lot of their other sausages and cold cuts in house). Tip Top Meats is also selling some but I haven’t tried them and don’t know if they are made in-house or somewhere else. I haven’t seen them served in a restaurant in SD

The friend that asked for them said they were pale in color, almost white-ish? That doesn’t exactly match up to your photo. Sausages & More in Lakeside apparently gets them, or will order them, from their butcher in Los Angeles, which very well may be Alpine Village. I’m also very familiar with Alpine Village :yum:

She might be talking about Weisswurst a Bavarian speciality made normally with veal and eaten without the sausage skin. It is normally made without nitrates and so quite perishable and I have seen it frozen at Tip Top Meats

Thanks, I’m betting this is what she’s actually looking for.

Maybe? Anyway they have good sandwiches. I believe the owners are old Sausage King employees.

Thanks Dagney, that’s exactly where my friend went and I think they special ordered it for her. Yes, the folks at Sausages & More are the employees from the old Sausage King. They also do the catering for the German American Society in El Cajon.

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I didn’t make the El Cajon fest this year. It was too freaking hot this past weekend and with the covering they have over the grounds, it really gets hot in there. We went to the Carlsbad Octoberfest last week and it was ok. Nice venue in the park just east of the 5. Crowd was mellow. Food was just ok and no German beer or wine. The Olivenhain Octoberfest was cancelled due to a lack of support. So I really didn’t get my German fix in. Then I picked up some Weisswurst at Tip Top along with some smoked Brats, kraut and red cabbage, and then I got a bottle of Veltliner for the spouse down at SD Wine Co. and we had a great time at home.

Home works and it sounds like you had great provisions for it!