ISO of things to do with great summer tomatoes

That’s pretty much it. Sure. BLTs and BLATs and sometimes just BTs. And sliced as a side dish. What are you doing with these glorious things please? TIA

Cut up and dress with feta mashed into olive oil (depending on the feta, may not need more salt). Can add cucumber and/or Kalamata olives.

Caprese. Don’t worry if you don’t have basil.

Bruschette / pa amb tomaquet.

A few years ago we have pan con tomate pretty much every day in Barcelona. But THE very best was at Tickets Bar.


Thanks for the reminder.

I think I’ll try gazpacho one of these days. Haven’t made it in years.

LOL. There are few foods I really don’t like and one is cucumber. And I’ve yet to see a recipe for cuke-less gazpacho. If you ever see one,… :slight_smile:

Oh My Non-God, I can’t believe it! You’re my hero!!! I’ll be making this for sure. I’m so stupidly excited. Thanks, Robert.