ISO of tips for a whole beef tenderloin

We’re going to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving and I’m planning on doing a whole beef tenderloin for the family. I’ve never cooked one! It seems totally straightforward but I’d love to read anyone’s ideas for seasoning, searing, roasting, etc. We prefer super rare but not sure what our grown kids like plus we have a four year old grand. TIA. PS: Does anyone make a sauce? Will there even be pan drippings? See how ignorant I am :smile:

It’s very lean so no drippings. The leanness makes it a challenge to get flavor in there without drying it out.

Beef Wellington is a fun and festive way to jazz up that relatively bland cut. Salt crust or wrapping in bacon are a couple of other options.

With two grandchildren I want easy and Beef Wellington honestly is above my pay grade. I’ve started reading and have found the rec to season and sear, brush with mustard and then low and slow. Fourunder on CH is a long time go to for MEAT so I’ll have to check him out. And let him know about this site. Thanks, r.

A salt bed’s a fast and easy way to avoid drying it out. Ignore the part about the bread-crumb salsa.

Reverse sear

That’s basically how I cook prime rib. I do the final sear with a blowtorch.