ISO Red Cardamom

Any recs on where to find cao guo or red cardamom?
Struck out at 99 Ranch on Victory. Would this be something that an Indian shop would carry? Should I be going to a Chinese herbalist?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Any Indian store will have it – we use it in Indian cooking. We call it Black Cardamom though, not Red Cardamom.

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I was under the impression that there are three varieties: green, black, and red.
I do have black cardamom, which I use mostly for Ethiopian dishes. I could give that a go.

Yes, that’s black cardamom also known in indian cooking as “big cardamom” (bara ilaich), and any Indian store will have it.

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At least two distinct species of black cardamom occur: Amomum subulatum (also known as Nepal cardamom) and Amomum tsao-ko. The pods of A. subulatum, used primarily in the cuisines of India and certain regional cuisines of Pakistan, are the smaller of the two, while the larger pods of A. tsao-ko (Chinese: wiktionary:草果; pinyin: cǎoguǒ; Vietnamese: thảo quả) are used in Chinese cuisine, particularly that of Sichuan, and Vietnamese cuisine.

These are the search results that I encountered as well because: google’s algorithm.

Though the main flavoring for a Sichuan-style red braise comes from the savory and spicy bean paste, the addition of Sichuan peppercorns and a lesser-known spice, Chinese cao guo, gives the braise the signature Sichuan tongue-numbingness. Cao guo is often called “false cardamom” because of the similar flavors Olive-shaped, this dried fruit is ridged and has the hardness and size of nutmegs. You’ll find the spice in most Chinese supermarkets labeled as “Tsao Kuo” or “Drafting Fruit.”

Sorry, I didn’t realize it’s a different variety. It looks identical to black cardamom…