ISO - Seasonal Green Corn Tamales

I’ve had green corn tamales at Tamara’s (near the MDR Costco) and the former Border Grill in Santa Monica. Are there any other places I should try not only on the Westside, but further east?

EaterLA recently mentioned the El Cholo chain and I might try it for the seasonal Tuesday Green Corn Tamale deal, but prefer to rely on the posters here for other recommendations.

I have to balance out my carb intake with meat based protein, but if it isn’t an option, I’ll just start with some chicken at El Pollo Loco and then do a bang bang with a tamale stop. Thanks! :pray:

Does anyone in LA make those with real elote (fresh field corn)?

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Tamara’s Tamales in Culver City

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I got some at Vallarta Market in Culver City. Not bad. But I do like the El Cholo one…

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