ISO 'smoothie' recipes that are mostly fruit and milk

Disgustingly :slight_smile: my wonderful Bob really needs to gain weight. I know he’s not going to drink ‘green things’ or anything else that’s too protein powder’ish, nutty, ??? Whole milk, fruit(s), yogurt maybe. Would appreciate any advice for ingredients and proportions. Oh, wait, he might consider avocados so a little green :slight_smile: Thanks a lot. Gotta take care of this guy.

Why not ice cream?

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In a smoothie? No reason at all. I’m just looking for combos. And lol on your next post :slight_smile:

Vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and bananas makes a good combination. In the summer I like peach/nectarine and blackberry. Also peach and blueberry is a good combo. Vanilla yogurt or milk as a base, can use milk or orange juice to thin.

Also, look for Noosa brand yogurt:

The fruit flavors are good; the Mexican chocolate flavor is dessert for me many evenings.

Thanks for some examples. How do the proportions work? Is it all going to be liquid enough when blended that you just go for flavor?

I kind of eyeball it, to be honest - next time I make one I’ll pay attention; I always do add some liquid, but the amount depends on the amount of fluid in the fruits and how liquidy the yogurt is. Sometimes I add kefir, too, for the probiotics.


1 small avocado, whole milk 6 oz, 1 tablespoon sugar. blends up nicely and if you want to stick it in the freezer for 30 minutes, it’s a little like ice cream.

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