Istanbul Grill in Fountain Valley in photos

I drive by this place all the time and never realized it was so good. Great deal on the lunch special. $9.95 for appetizer, entree, dessert.

Grabbed take out kofte kebabs the first time. Outstanding. Really juicy and high quality. Lentil soup was also very good.

So good I came back to try the Adana chicken and lamb kebabs (added a la carte for $5.95). Got the chicken vegetable soup this time which was decent but not as good as the lentil soup.

Both lamb and chicken kebabs were outstanding. Really juicy and flavorful. Nice charcoal flavor.

Rice is nicely seasoned and house bread is soft and warm. Took all my will power and then some to not finish both and ask for seconds.

Highly recommended.


I’ve been curious about this place. I drive by it all the time, and it gets tons of love on Yelp. Thanks for the report!

Highly recommend the kofte kebab.

It’s definitely on the top of the lunch rotation for me.

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Have you tried Mr. Kebap on Bushard? (Close to Warner Blvd). I prefer the chicken kebabs. Granted, that’s the only thing I tried there

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I also have driven by this place a million times. Thanks for actually going in haha

I wonder how their Döner Kebab is? A boring choice, but curious how they go about it at such a place.

Have you ever been to Istanbul, Porthos? I think you would love it.

I have! Back in 2010. Beautiful city.

Didn’t do so well on the food front. Had a great gyro off a random food stall in the Grand Bazzar (still have my sheepskin rug and faux-chinchilla throw) but wasn’t the biggest fan of the sour component in the mezzes.

Nice shot. Loved the food there. Seafood houses, kebabs and breakfasts were particularly amazing I thought.

I think Ikram Bakery is the place for that

Also a fan of the place, especially the Adana. Staff is very friendly as well.

Haven’t tried it. Yelp pictures show premade food in chafing dishes. Are the kebabs grilled to order?

Kebabs are grilled to order. they have a daily special which is what is in the chafing dishes.
The menu has changed in which they don’t offer chicken thigh kebabs any more, just chicken breast. I guess the business owners had a falling out and one of them left
So, I’m not sure if it is still good.

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Its one of the top 100 reviewed restaurants on Yelp.

Wtf, really? In the world?..

No, just one of the top 100 reviewed restaurants in the United States:

Still…fucking crazy… I do not know how Yelp works. Truly WTF. A simple, mediocre looking place I drive by every fucking day…

Then again, Bottega Louie is in like the top 10 right? lmao

lol…Art of Flavors

I didn’t even really look at the list before… it’s unbelievbaly bizarre.

What makes people yelp about these places?

I find it unbelievable that the Playground 2.0 is on there… is it the most accessible fine-dining experience in the entire country essentially?

A little sub shop from my hometown is on there…how funny… Sub Culture in HB. The sandwiches are nice, but not like insanely special, not “best in the nation” special. Sandwiches at Gjusta make them look like Oscar Meyer bologna and kraft singles your mom made you as a kid…

But then random legit places like Rose’s Luxury, and Franklin BBQ are on there. So it’s not even that it selects for crap, but just seemingly completely random.

Truly WTF. I don’t know how anyone really relies on Yelp for anything… I guess in some ways it’s amusing as it is frightening to think there are millions of people that believe Copper Top BBQ is the best restaurant in America. I guess that doesn’t help our international image much hah

Did you read the broad generalization of their parameters for this? It makes sense their results make zero sense.

Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Also useful to find parking tips and menus and such.

Using it for food reviews is a fools journey though.