It's too hot! All I feel like eating is _____

Oh man, I just can’t deal with the heat! My appetite has really waned during this Indian summer. The only things that are remotely appealing right now are somen, hiyashi chuka, sashimi, poke, ice cream, shaved ice with matcha syrup, and chips and salsa. But mostly I wanna drink lots of iced coffee, iced jasmine tea, and shandy. What about you guys?

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Taiwanese cold peanut noodles with shredded chicken, SinBaLa
Pure dairy soft serve, Honeymee
Cantaloupe agua fresca, Monte Alban
Cold homemade tofu, Shunji
Yuzu juice, Sushi Zo
Halo halo, B Sweet
Ice teller, Ramayani


my appetite has taken a major dive as well. @ home—anything that I don’t have to turn on my oven to cook (if I had an outdoor space to grill, I’d be doing it).

At this point, the only “hot” food that I’m eating is take out: mostly tacos–some great shrimp tacos from Ricky’s and some peruvian chicken + rice (pollos a la Brasa).

For me @ home—lots of cheese/crackers/sauv. blanc, cured meats, hummus/pita chips, carpese “salad”, shrimp, frozen chocolate covered banana slices from tj’s, vodka from the freezer–and a couple of things that I can cook stovetop like eggs, sausages, and any sort of grilled cheese prep (sandwiches or quesadillas).

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$1 ice cream cones from McDonalds. I may have one right now actually.


Yes on the vodka, Carmela pumpkin ice cream and wish I had a bag of those banana slices. Lots of cold grapes here too and fresh made lemonade steeped with a few raw jalapeños.

JL shunji works well when frigid and rainy too

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those banana slices rock

I haven’t eaten this much watermelon in years!!

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Yeah we gottem initially for my toddler but I ate em all myself.

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No more seeds!

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good move. I was gonna say that they would be great for your kid(s). they actually taste pretty good w/ a vodka chaser

I went on a cantalope binge during the first heat wave…


Mint lemonade from Literati (one of the few items I like there).

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I forgot about the cantaloupe I devoured!

Last week I found some giant green grapes at (of all places) Target. Like I said they were enormous, firm yet juicy, amazingly sweet… best I ever had. So refreshing. Must be all the chemical fertilizers and GMOs.

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@J_L_, the Taiwanese cold peanut noodles sound awesome. I’m thinking that the Liang Pi from Qin West Chinese Cuisine would be a good thing to revisit right now. Also, I’ve been meaning to try Honeymee for a while. I had a Pinkberry knock-off a while back with dairy froyo and honeycomb. It was pretty good, but I’m sure it can’t hold a candle to Honeymee.

@LAgirl, those frozen chocolate-covered banana slices rule!

@Mr_JJ and @Gr8pimpin, I’ve been going through the fruit like crazy too. Maybe we should invest in a fruit cart or an agua fresca stand.

The grapes at Vicente Foods are really plump and sweet.v

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I think I need to check out the grape thing since both you and JJ are raving about it.

Oysters from The Jolly Oyster Market in Torrance
Campechana and shrimp cocktail
Cantaloupe and watermelon

I’ve also been addicted to this lately:

Oh yeah, the Chowpup’s frozen grapes taste mighty refreshing, too.

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Hi @MaladyNelson,

Clearly in this hot weather you’d want:

  1. Anything from Jitlada’s spicy menu. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Szechuan Water Boiled Fish

  3. Chinese Hot Pot, Extra Spicy. :stuck_out_tongue:

(courtesy Pinterest (Jenna Gillane))

(courtesy Reddit)

(courtesy avlxyz)

Nice and cool, right? :wink:

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Actually some of the spicier cuisines of the world originate in the hotter tropical locales: Look at Thailand & southern India, for example. The spiciness distracts the body from the hot, humid environment. Furthermore, I theorize that spicy foods protect the ingester from mosquito bites as well.

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Marcella Hazan’s Spaghetti with Clam Sauce and a nice crisp Verdicchio.