Ivan Ramen - LES

Finally got a chance to dine at this perpetually mobbed ramen joint. This set out as a NYC check-the-box exercise and I fully expected to come away confirming an overhyped-hipster-ramen-joint preconception. Boy was I wrong.

Ordered the chicken paitan ramen (rich chicken broth, minced chicken, egg yolk, shio kombu, rye noodles) and man this was a really good bowl of ramen. Noodle is on the thin side soba/somen like thickness made in-house with a rye based flour. Broth is rich and flavourful and not too greasy. The yolk is served raw to be swirled into the soup. A generous spritz of lime adds a nice acidity to the rich broth.

This was an interesting concept and generally worked well. The bread though was unfortunately squished and flattened - uncharacteristic of a good katsu sando.
wagyu beef tongue, bulldog sauce, spicy karashi mustard, au jus

Nonetheless worth checking out - lives up to the hype!

P.S didn’t see Sergio in the house.