Izakaya, soba specialist, or similar open for indoor dining

Greetings Food Talkers. I’m headed to L.A. Mother’s Day weekend after far too long. My birthday is that Saturday (woohoo!) and to celebrate I’d like to dine-in at a tasty and casual Japanese spot with my mom and brother. Was thinking one of my usuals since it’s been so long: Otafuku, I-Naba, or Torihei. From the web, it looks like the latter might not have indoor dining just yet (the others point to yes). Any intel or other restaurants to consider?

I was hoping to return to Porridge and Puffs on my trip but it looks like they are closed, routing customers to the high-end Phenakite page (can’t swing that). Is P&P on hiatus or permanently closed?


Izakaya Hakata Hero
Izakaya Hachi


If you’re in that area and in the mood for expertly fried stuff Tendon Tempura Carlos Jr is open again for indoor dining.


They haven’t been totally clear about that yet. It seems they are hanging onto the space and will reopen something in it at some point, but it also seems like it won’t be the exact same as it was previously.

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Otafuku has indoor dining but the parking lot seating is for us way more charming and preferable.


Thanks for the insight!

Looking up the spots folks suggested (thank you!). Not an izakaya or specialist, but has anyone tried Funkanoya (sushi & bento)?

Plan is a mellow hike in Palos Verdes followed by tasty birthday eats and treats :slightly_smiling_face:

Cannot go wrong with I-Naba for soba and tempura perfection. My last visit, which was limited indoor dining included the most amazing tempura eggplant.


Thanks all for chiming in. I decided to make reservations at I-Naba :slightly_smiling_face: