J. Kenji López-Alt now writing for the NY Times

Not a very auspicious debut. His research somehow came to the conclusion that how fresh your eggs are and how you cook them has no effect on how easy they are to peel.

I haven’t done any double-blind testing, but I know from experience that pressure-steamed eggs are always easy to peel, and that boiled super-fresh eggs are hell to peel.

If 96 volunteers peeled 700 eggs, that means each person peeled only seven or eight.

Could be some other confounding variable that leads to your results, @robert

He didn’t say exactly which pressure-steaming methods he tried.

What do you think he’s saying here?

By far the most important factor in determining whether a boiled egg will peel cleanly or not is the temperature at which it starts cooking. Starting eggs in cold water causes egg-white proteins to coagulate slowly, bonding tightly to the inner membrane of the shell. The difference is night and day: Cold-water eggs show nearly nine times more large flaws and double the number of small flaws.

I haven’t done any double-blind testing, but I know from experience

what amazing confidence.


He’s saying he didn’t find a way to avoid flaws when peeling.

We’ve pressure-steamed dozens of eggs and every one has peeled easily with no flaws.


There are two stovetop cooking methods that allow preheating for a hot start, and produce eggs that are…easy to peel: boiling and steaming.

There is no way to guarantee eggs that peel 100 percent of the time. But if 87 percent or higher is a number you can work with, let’s crack on.

Feel free not to believe me that he’s wrong there.

Here is his article on Serious Eats, How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs | The Food Lab. I have used his steaming method and it works quite well. I am quite lucky in that my sister-in-law has chickens (in LA proper) so I get really fresh eggs. That said I haven’t done them in my Instant Pot as I get such great results from steaming and I worry about overcooked eggs. Really don’t like dry yolks.

I’m usually dicing them for potato salad or deviled eggs so not super-fussy.

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I freely admit this is why I find the CI / ATK /KLA annoying and more psudo science & quackery.

It’s not all fake but it’s more like a con game let’s take something we can easily research then run some poorly designed tests with no peer review process then present it as fact.

yes he does have many great recipes

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cooking for tech bros…

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He’s right about not putting the eggs in cold water post-steaming. I’d been doing that (based on advice I got from somewhere), and I stopped, and the eggs are easier to peel now. I just pull them a minute earlier, since they continue to cook once they’re out of the water.

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the perfect egg is one of those pursuits i gave up long ago… pretty good egg has been good enough… i’m more into finding the nicest dark orange yolk farm eggs


I just don’t find it that hard to peel an egg. For most supermarket eggs.

I find peeling one or two dozen hard-boiled eggs a tedious and annoying task when the shells stick, which they always did until I started pressure-steaming them.

i seem to always have success when cracking them and letting water get in under the membrane… then it just slides off.