"Jack of All trades" Japanese around midtown/Chelsea?

Any restaurant recommendations for a nice Japanese restaurant with a wide menu? Came across Ootoya in Times Square, seemed like it might work. Any opinions or other recommendations?


Ootoya and HAMA would both work. Just sort of what you mean by jack of all trades.


If you don’t mind going a little more downtown, EN Brasserie in the Village is another more than decent jack-of-all–trades option.

If OP is willing to venture out beyond Midtown/Chelsea, then Kyo Ya (in the East Village) would be my pick over any restaurant in the city.

Thanks @helen_s helen_s for EN Brasserie rec, will note for another day.

@ipsedixit Awwww crap walked past Kyo ya this evening without realizing. Tried walk-in at Kura but they were full, ended up at Somtum der instead.

As in…“master of none.” Would that be “damning with faint praise”? Everytime I see that title this is what comes to mind.