Jackson Hole Restaurants?

Hello Food Gurus, is there any fancy new spot worth eating at in particular in Jackson Hole, Wy?

Much appreciated!


Here’s an article from Vogue:

If you’re looking for “new” then I assume you’ve been there before so you’d know better than I about the above link.

Also I doubt that it makes any difference but Jackson Hole is a long, wide valley and Jackson is the town.

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Snake River Grill is far and away the best restaurant in JH in my opinion. Glorietta is pretty good too!

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The Grill at Amangani is no slouch, either. This perfectly made bison burger on brioche and Russet Burbank fries tasted incredible.

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Glorietta. 4.1/10. Solid Italian. Good wine list.

Snake River Grill. 3.7/10. Solid meal. Good for Jackson. Would not make our restaurant rotation in LA. Good wine list.

Amangani. 2.9/10. Food was all over the place, from awful chewy burrata to delicious salmon in a way over-spiced dashi broth. Good wine list

Persephone/Picnic. 2.5/10. These seem to be sister restaurants. They remind me of Urth Caffe. Good options for Jackson.

Palate. 2.3/10. At the National Museum of Wildlife Art. It was fine but disappointing. The museum was good.

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