Jaga Pockle Potato Snacks

Anyone here try these Japanese “potato snacks” before? Or am I just grossly late to the game?

But whatever, I just know that these are amazing. How so? Imagine a McDonald’s french fry, but in potato chip form.

Read more about them below (as well as ordering info).

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Had those in Japan and received a care package with those included. Those taters are delicious and kinda precious (small packs).

Are those being sold here? Because if they are, I don’t think you’re late for the game at all. All that matters is that they’re here!

I dunno if they’re sold in the States, at least in a physical location. I know Amazon and various Internet sites sell them.

I just received these as a gift and sort of wish I never had. Like being introduced to meth for the first time when all you’ve ever had before was weed.

And like drugs, (as I mentioned earlier), they come in little packs (at least ours did). Keeps you reaching for the next bag.

Dunno about you, but I buy my drugs in decks. Usually have to bring the G-Wagon when going shopping.

Your baller-fu is much stronger than mine.

Moped with a plastic bag hanging from handlebars.

My aunt from Japan would buy me these. She got them in Hawaii, I believe.

Calbee North America has a variant of the Jaga Pockle, sold at Whole Foods (at least in Northern California) but likely nowhere as good


Though I wish they offered Japanese flavors.

A couple months ago, Hong Kong and Taiwan media were reporting a massive potato shortage in Japan, and local convenience stores like Lawson, 7-Eleven sold out of inventory.