Jamaican / Caribbean Food (was: Coley's North Hollywood)

I just discovered this place existed in the last 5 minutes. Has anyone been? I checked out a recipe for ackee and saltfish. It seems to contain none of my allergens and I should love it.


One of my best friends lives down the street and it has been around for a while, yet neither of us has ever been. Report back!

Coley’s, the Jamaican place on Magnolia?

That location got turned into a marijuana shop long ago.

Thanks, Ns1.

Exactly why I’m asking, thought maybe they re-opened somewhere else. But imagine that. Jamaican place turned into a ganja place. What are the odds? :wink:

I thought there was another Coley’s, not sure if they’re related, in Inglewood?

Wifey liked it (again assuming it’s the defunct Coley’s on Magnolia).

Here’s her ackee and saltfish plate from 5 years ago:

Isn’t there a Jamaican place on Ventura Boulevard in studio city across from Daichan?

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Yes Ventura and Eureka. Sattdown Grill, http://sattdownjamaicangrill.com/
Never been despite loving Jamaican food. Not sure how you can really do jerk without a charcoal or wood fire.

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Oh, that looks so yummy!

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I remember the Inglewood locale. Liked it but haven’t been in years.

Sattdown is good but I prefer their oxtails to the jerk chicken.

Jerk spot in Culver does amazing jerk chicken. Never been to jamaica so can’t compare to anything authentic but I love it for a quick meal.

They definitely get char on it. I’m not sure if that’s from gas grill or wood fire but their spice rub hits the spot.

The only even remotely legit jerk chicken I’ve had in LA was at Peckish on 54th in Crenshaw. They had a questionably permitted barrel grill out on the sidewalk and then closed down for a while. I heard they re-opened but I surmised the sidewalk grill went and haven’t been in a year or so. Anybody got an update?

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Any name or IG account associated with this? Would love to check it out.




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I find that freeing sometimes.

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