Jang Ga Ne KTown

The menu is pure home style comfort food. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic of the menu but there is a menu pic on the Yelp page.

No English on the sign but at night as you can see it has that Leo’s style light saying “Jang Ga Ne”. It’s right across from Guelguetza at Olympic and Normandie. While all the attention these days are on 6th Street, this little Mom-n-Pop gets overlooked.

Oh did I tell you about the banchan? Because they serve about 8 different ones. If you get the “Jang Family Meal”, it comes with 15 different banchans!


I was flying Han Solo so I only got half of their offering…

I love the scissors with the kimchi and they give you fat pieces of kimchi daikon.
Everything was great. All different tastes and textures. Better than Soban. Yeah I said it and I mean it. All made by one Korean Auntie at Jang Ga Ne.

On the banchan refill I got this. I am guessing this one of the banchans for the family meal. Oh the family meal comes with rice, soup, grilled fish, and seafood pancake. And 15 different types of banchan, did I tell you they have 15 different ones?

As for the food food I got…

The pancake was good stuff. The galbi tang, tbh it could have been more fall apart. I think when I return I’ll have to try that bulgogi pork and squid, and braised cod. They make bibimbap with purple rice too. I’ll be back for another visit.


try gamja gol right next door when you get a chance. their gamja tang is better than ham ji park imo.

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I went there a few years back and thought it was fine but not standout or impressive. The banchan looks solid.

Hell yeah. Love me a bowl of that. I should really get a KTown list from you of all the restaurants and their best dishes.